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      Esmeralda smiled.

      "And just at present," said Gray, "you're casting shot and shell and now and then a cannon; good for you! You want to give us your guarantee--?"

      No; Ive only been talking to Norman.

      "Yes, Charlie was well. He would be along soon, with fresh messages from division headquarters. The battery was at last--Pardon?... Yes, the Callenders were well--he supposed! He had seen only Miss Anna, and her only for so brief an instant--"I have heardsomething, he responded.


      Yes; and that I find Im only their Esmeralda, after all. Tell them to ask no questions, but to go on as if I had never been away.



      Esmeralda lay in her hammock slung in the shadow of the hut. It was a lovely evening with the days heat lingering in the air, and as she lay back, in perfect comfort, she could look over the superb tract of country upon which the sun was beginning to shed a glory of crimson and gold.