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      Well, yes, he said, hesitatingly. The courtly old man was almost sorry to have referred to anything that was grewsome in her bright young presence.On their way home they passed through the village, and Trafford stopped at one or two of the cottages, and exchanged greetings with some of the people. Esmeralda was struck by the mixture of affection and respect with which the marquis was treated, and the shy curiosity with which they received her. One woman offered her a glass of new milk, and dusted a chair for her to sit on; and one and all were anxious to make much of her and impress her favorably.


      I think it would be better if you came.

      She ran on breathlessly as she seated herself by that reclining figure with the waxen face. It may be that she talked to hide the shock she had experienced on seeing the altered looks of the young mistress whose roof she had left in the hour of shame. She had left her, refusing to hold commune with one who had sinned so deeply. The faithful servant had taken leave of her mistress in words that had eaten into Isola's heart, as if they had been written there with a corrosive acid.


      How handsome you are, Varley!


      Varley! Raven Claim! To-night! she murmured. Then hes going there now?


      I wish you a long and happy life, Lady Trafford, said the courtly bishop, taking her hand in his soft one and smiling benignantly at her; and, with Gods blessing, I think my wish, and the wish of many, will be fulfilled."She will not forget, Isola. She loves you fondly and truly."