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      "What are yo'uns goin' to do with we'uns?" she inquired hoarsely of Si.Wait till I get to that, urged Sandy. Well, they learned, somehow, that Mr. Everdail was in California and his wife was taking the emeralds to London. They didnt have any conspirator on the yachtthenor else they would have gotten the real emeralds long ago. So there was just those five in the bandJeff, Mr. Everdail, Gaston, the man we havent seen, and the injured pilot.

      fiting the awful battles for me, and for every man and woman

      "Think o' the conceit o' the feller. Wants to make that gal believe that he druv off Bragg a'most single-handed, and intends to foller him up and kick him some more. Sich gall. Sich fellers hurts us in the opinion o' the people at home. They make 'em think we're all a set o' blowhards. But this aint nothin' to what comes next. He tries to honeyfugle the gal, and he's as clumsy 'bout it as a brown b'ar robbin' a bee-hive. Listen:

      CHAPTER I. THE TULLAHOMA CAMPAIGN ON TO DUCK RIVER"We ain't done nothin' with him, Colonel," persisted Si. "I hain't had nothin' to do with no nigger since we started out this mornin'; hain't spoken to one. Sometimes niggers jump on our wagons, ride a little ways, and then jump off agin. I can't keep track of 'em. I generally make 'em git off when I notice 'em."

      Dick and Sandy saw Larrys dazed face.

      It was some time before he could calm himself down sufficiently to continue his literary exercise. Then he made out:



      "Now you're shoutin'," said Shorty. "They kin git me to soldier as long as the war lasts, for the askin', but I wouldn't be a spy 10 minutes for a corn-basket full o' greenbacks. I have too much regard for my neck. I need it in my business."The two rebels in front of the boys gave a startled look at their comrades, then at the boys, and turned to run. Si raised his gun to order them to halt.


      "Be about as easy as drivin' a load o' hay back into the field, and fitting each spear o' grass back on the stalk from which it was cut," interjected Shorty.Cant we do anything at all? Sandy wondered desperately.