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      Reuben was in ecstasy by this time. It was years since he had caressed a woman, except casually, for he considered that women interfered with his work. Rose's eagerness could not cheapen her, for it was so childlike, and she continued to give him that sense of deep experience which robbed her attitude of insipidity. Her delight in his kisses was somehow made sweeter to him by the conviction that she could compare them with other men's.

      The partners started in to rouse their boys. As soon as these were fairly awake they became greatly excited. They had gone to sleep bubbling over with the momentousness of the coming day, and now that day had opened.

      He digged it for his brother,

      Of mantling Cups, Bright Eyes, or deeds of Might

      The Colonel's clear, penetrating tones rang above the tumult:


      "Don't make the least noise," whispered the Orderly. "I hear the rebels moving around, but we want to jump 'em before they know we're up. The further we can get through that abatis before they discover us, the fewer we'll have killed. It's going to be mighty tough work at best, and I wish that we were going over the works now."Harry was soon established on the upturned cask beside the fighting booth which had always been the fiddler's place. He began to play at once"Nice Young Maidens"to all appearances quite indifferent to the jostle round him. Naomi could not help marvelling at Reuben, toohe was so cool, possessed and assured, so utterly without anything in the way of embarrassment or self-consciousness.


      "Oh," Norma said, and then: "Oh. Of course."


      "By rights, I ought to be a Jigadier-Brindle," retorted Shorty, "but I never could git Abe Lincoln to take that view of it. Here, fill up your cartridgebox. You'll need lots of 'em, if you're only goin' to shoot to crease your rebels, as that feller did you."